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New Holland Agriculture

New Holland Agriculture Equipment

Please read BEFORE purchasing a tune

All tunes are meant for off-road use only. It is a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act if used on Provincial and Federal Highways. Enviroment Canada Emmisions Requirements can be found here: https://www.riv.ca/ECVehicleEmissionReqs.aspx

Boomer 54D 2.2L
Braud 9040M 4.5L
Braud 9060L 6.7L
CR5080 6.7L
CR6080 6.7L
CR8070 8.7L
CR8080 10L
CR9060 9L
CR9070 10L
CR9080 10L / 12.9L
CR960 7.7L
CR980 10L
CSX7050 6.7L
CSX7060 8.7L
CSX7080 8.7L
CX5080 6.7L
CX5090 6.7L
CX6080 6.7L
CX6090 8.7L
CX720 MS6.1
CX760 / CX820 MS6.1
CX780 / CX840 14.3L / MS6.1
CX8030 / CX8040 8.7L
CX8050 / CX8060 8.7L
CX8070 / CX8080 8.7L
CX8090 10L
CX860 14L / MS6.2
CX880 14L / MS6.2
FR480 / FR550 12.9L
FR9040 8.7L
FR9050 / FR9060 13L
FR500 / FR600 12.9L
FX28 / FX30 / FX38 MS6.2
FX40 12.9L
FX50 13L
LM5040 4.5L
LM6.32 / LM7.35 4.5L
MXU110 -
T6020 / T6040 4.4L
T6060 4.4L
T6030 / T6050 6.7L
T6070 / T6080 6.7L
T6090 6.7L
T7040 / T7050 6.7L
T7060 / T7070 6.7L
T7540 / T7550 6.7L
T8010 / T8020 8.3L
T8030 / T8040 8.3L
T8050 9.0L
T9020 / T9040 9.0L
T9050 9.0L
T4.105 / T4.115 3.4L
T4.85 / T4.95 3.4L
T5.105 / T5.115 3.4L
T5.95 3.4L
T6.120 / T6.140 4.4L
T6.150 / T6.160 4.4L
T6.155 / T6.165 6.7L
T6.175 6.7L
T7.170 / T7.175 6.7L
T7.185 / T7.190 6.7L
T7.200 / T7.205 6.7L
T7.210 / T7.220 6.7L
T7.230 / T7.235 6.7L
T7.240 / T7.245 6.7L
T7.250 / T7.260 6.7L
T7.270 / T7.290 6.7L
T7.315 6.7L
T8.270 / T8.275 8.7L
T8.300 / T8.320 8.7L
T8.325 / T8.330 8.7L
T8.350 / T8.360 8.7L
T8.380 / T8.385 8.7L
T8.390 / T8.410 8.7L
T8.420 / T8.435 8.7L
T9.435 8.7L
T9.390 / T9.450 12.7L
T9.560 12.7L
T9.480 / T9.530 12.7L
T9.565 / T9.600 12.7L
T9.615 / T9.645 12.7L
T9.700 12.7L
TC5.80 6.4L
TD5.95 3.4L
TG215 / TG245 8.3L CM850
TG275 8.3L CM850
TG255 / TG285 8.3L CM554
TJ425 15L CM570
TJ530 14.9L CM570
TM175 / TM190 7.4L
TS100A / TS110A 4.4L
TS115A / TS125A 6.7L
TS135A 6.7L
TVT195 6.6L
TX68 9.5L

This is NOT a complete list of all the models we are able to do. Please call to see if we can do yours.